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Part of the series Time Savers

  Screen capture from Visualisers


Real-life examples of how a leading technology secondary school saves time by using visualisers in their maths department and deaf resource base.

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A visualiser is an easy piece of kit which projects live action onto a whiteboard and can record it too. Maths teacher Cath Smithies shows how she uses it in lesson to demonstrate, record and replay constructions. This saves Cath time since the demonstration can be used over and over, and it gives students extra help as they're starting their work.

The visualiser also allows pupils to demonstrate their knowledge to the class, meaning Cath can easily assess a pupil's progress.

In the deaf resource base, communicator for the deaf Stuart Heron is often called upon by mainstream teachers to give lessons at short notice, which can sometimes result in a class sharing one copy of a resource.

The visualiser means Stuart can project any resource onto the whiteboard so it's easily accessible by every pupil. The visualiser also allows Stuart to keep his hands free vital for when he is signing for pupils.


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