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Westlands' First Steps

Part of the series Becoming an Academy

  Screen capture from Westlands' First Steps


An outstanding secondary school begins its transition to a new style academy, with staff and headteacher outlining the process and sharing their experiences of their first month as an academy.

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The Westlands Academy Trust officially opened on 1 September 2010. This video diary details the changes that went on and reveals how staff are easing into their new status.

Headteacher Jon Whitcombe talks about the process of becoming an academy and the tight deadlines in confirming the change for the start of the school year. He explains the paperwork involved, the necessity of employing a great solicitor and his fears that bank errors would leave his staff unpaid.

His staff also comment on how they feel the first month as an academy has gone, and the video also shows how the academy is working with a struggling feeder primary school.


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