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When Professionals Disagree - NQT Versus Mentor

Part of the series School Dilemmas

  Screen capture from When Professionals Disagree - NQT Versus Mentor


Based on a true story this CPD video recreates a scenario in which the relationship between an NQT and mentor deteriorates as they both find it difficult to adjust to their roles.

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The drama unfolds as the NQT becomes more insistent on the mentor to fulfil his responsibilities, whilst the mentor starts resenting the constant demands on his time and energy, and their effect on his own teaching.

Should the NQT be more understanding of his mentor's workload? Does the mentor need to be more understanding of the NQT's lack of experience? At what point should the NQT take the matter higher up if she doesn't think she's receiving the attention she needs?

The video is designed to be used as a springboard for discussion between staff on how this issue should best be dealt with.


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