Work Entitlements

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This video was filmed before the May 2010 general election, and may not reflect the policies of the current government.
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Looking at the continuing impact of the national agreement on the education workforce, teachers, trade unionists and the TDA talk to journalist Mike Baker about remodelling schools and work entitlements.

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The TDA's head of remodelling, Stephen Baker, talks about how he sees the future of performance management and re-modelling in a time of financial uncertainty.

Senior trade unionists give their opinion on whether the national agreement of 2003 is working and how it should be developed in future.

Staff at The Kings Langley School, Hertfordshire, and the Capital City Academy, north London, give their thoughts on PPA time and cover and discuss whether or not it should be a statutory requirement, as the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Family, Ed Balls, has suggested.

Finally the teachers explain what remodelling means for those tasked with educating children in our schools.

Note that the contents of this programme may no longer reflect current Government policy


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