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Working with Formulae

Part of the series Inside Maths

  Screen capture from Working with Formulae


Presenters Dave and Fran explain different ways of rearranging formulae using an airplane, suitable for KS4 students.

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Dave is scared of flying, especially take-off and landing, because he feels the runway is not long enough.

Fran challenges Dave to fly in a small plane, if by arranging formula she can prove the runway is long enough for both.

Dave heads off to the airfield and Fran uses vivid graphics to show how to rearrange different formulae.

At the airfield Dave has some speed and time data to gather for Fran.

Fran changes the data into a formula to work out the acceleration the plane needs to take-off, then she uses another formula to work out the length of runway required to take-off.

With one more formula to rearrange it is not long before Fran proves landing is safe too, and Dave has no choice to get back into the plane.


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