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Working with Partner Schools

Part of the series Thinking of Becoming an Academy

  Screen capture from Working with Partner Schools


Headteachers from South Farnham School and Westlands Academy Trust discuss the expectation of working with partner schools when they are signed up as new academies.

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In principle, new academies which are considered outstanding schools are expected to support another school to help raise attainment. However, academies don't need a partner school to qualify for academy status.

Jon Whitcombe, headteacher at Westlands, is quick to point out that they have always tried to help other schools. For him, the process of school improvement has always been tricky but benefits both schools.

In Andrew Carter's case, at South Farnham, a local infants school has been struggling to find a headteacher and Andrew would like to formally merge the schools to make one school of over 700 pupils.

For him, it is about doing the right thing and helping your neighbour, despite there being no financial incentive.


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