Writing Skills - Fire

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Stimulate Year 3 to Year 6 pupils' writing skills with six short videos looking at the uses of fire.

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Each video highlights a different aspect and use of fire. In one, a glassblower demonstrates the skills involved in producing a beautiful dinner plate. In another, two chefs make and bake pizzas in their traditional wood-fired oven.

The artistic use of fire is shown through Fire Poi, a form of juggling in which fiery balls are swung around the body in choreographed moves, and also through a fireworks display which can be used as a starting point for mind-mapping ideas.

Science teacher Allom Shaha demonstrates walking on fire, sharing his insights on how it's possible.

Finally, a video on natural and out-of-control fires can be used to initiate a variety of Key Stage 2 writing tasks, from news reports to descriptive and letter writing.


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