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Whole school > Assessment (primary)

Learn about effective ways to manage assessments, proven methods for monitoring progress and everything you need to know about exams.

All assessment

5 mins APP for Primary Science - The Big Stink with Deborah Herridge
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
A primary science experiment incorporates Victorian history
5 mins APP for Primary Science - Mummification with Deborah Herridge
Part of the series Inspirational CPD Training
A CPD trainer demonstrates a practical exercise for science APP

Formative assessment

15 mins Using Pupil Data - In Primary School
A school records pupils' data to track progress
15 mins Part 4: Presenting the Evidence
Part of the series APP - How Does It Work?
Hear analysis of an APP pilot on a cross-curricular KS2 lesson

All primary assessment topics

Assessment for learning

15 mins Tollgate Primary
Part of the series School Improvement
Transforming an east London school from bleak to beautiful
15 mins Making Good Progress Pilots
Part of the series Need to Know
Mike Baker talks to the DCSF's chief adviser on school standards


15 mins Improving Value-Added SATs - A Creative Approach
How a creative approach focused on pupil's skills boosted results

Interactive CPD training

Provide assessment training for yourself or others, by using our interactive CPD training packages.

They provide an enriched e-learning opportunity for both individuals and group presentations.


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Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap follows primary and secondary schools across the country, observing how different approaches have succeeded in raising attainment levels in areas where poverty, ethnicity and lack of parental engagement have proved problematic in the past
(5 programmes)