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Whole school > Formative assessment (secondary)

Explore formative assessment


Find out how a maths and english department have incorporated APP into the KS3 curriculum.
(2 programmes)

Secondary formative assessment videos

5 mins Assessment for Learning
Part of the series Hot Research
Teachers who have switched the emphasis away from marking and grading to give comments and feedback are finding that their pupils try much harder. Public exams like GCSEs and A-levels give pupils a final grade, known as summative assessment.
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15 mins The Entertainer
Part of the series Teaching with Bayley
Andy Latham, head of science at Hove Park School in Brighton, is a popular teacher, winning the South East Regional Finals of the 2005 Teacher of the Year Award.
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15 mins Making a Drama
Part of the series Action! Teacher Video
At Stratford Girls Grammar School, two groups of Year 12 drama students are approaching their end of year show in rather different ways. Teacher Sara Coyle has captured the process on video and shows us a glimpse of the end results.
15 mins KS3 History - The History Class 4 - Assessment
In this programme, we follow Year 7 history teacher Reuben Moore as he takes an NQT and a PGCE-trainee to a workshop on assessment.
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30 mins Formative Assessment and Personalised Learning - Secondary
John Cabot City Technology College in Bristol is taking bold steps to make students responsible for their own learning.
15 mins Managing EAL - Secondary - Plotting Progress
Valentines High School in Redbridge has over 69 per cent of its students with EAL. It is a richly diverse school, 78 per cent of students are from ethnic minorities and there are over 50 languages spoken by the pupils.
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15 mins KS3 English - APP Writing
The English department at Downlands Community School in Hassocks has been applying the new QCA Assessing Pupils' Progress for three years.
15 mins KS3 English - APP Reading
Naomi Hursthouse has been piloting the QCA's new approach to assessment, APP, in KS3 English at Bishop Luffa School in Chichester.
15 mins KS3/4 Creative Arts - Art Assessment - Classroom Strategies
In this programme, the art departments of two schools reveal the strategies they use to help pupils understand how to improve their levels. Kate Bullivant, head of art at St Michael's Catholic Grammar School in north London, has been experimenting with ...
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15 mins KS3/4 Creative Arts - Art Assessment - Awarding Levels
In this programme, we explore the techniques used by two different art departments to help pupils improve their levels. Kate Bullivant, head of art at St Michael's Catholic Grammar School in north London, awards levels to a Year 8 urban environment project. ...
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