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Whole school > Gifted and talented (secondary)

Find out how to engage and challenge the high fliers in your class using real-life, innovative methods.

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Jonny Heeley's Masterclass
The fun is palpable in these programmes showing Heeley's hands-on teaching of some maths masterclasses. Leaves teaching from the front way behind...
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Secondary gifted and talented videos

15 mins Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Part of the series CareerWise
This episode of Careerwise looks at the gifted and talented programme, exploring what the role of the gifted and talented coordinator is and what it can bring to a career.
30 mins Higher and Higher
Part of the series Teaching with Bayley
There's much debate but little consensus about how best to teach the more able gifted and talented students in mixed ability classes. John Bayley watches two secondary teachers with different approaches.
15 mins Bright Extroverts
Part of the series Behave to Learn with Bayley
Every class has them; bright, engaged students who tend to dominate lessons. John Bayley advises on strategies to handle the attention-seeking behaviour of these pupils.
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30 mins Evolution
Part of the series Ceri Evans' Masterclass
Former Teacher of the Year Ceri Evans inspires a group of gifted and talented Year 10 students in an active lesson about Darwin's theory of evolution.
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15 mins Making a Drama
Part of the series Action! Teacher Video
At Stratford Girls Grammar School, two groups of Year 12 drama students are approaching their end of year show in rather different ways. Teacher Sara Coyle has captured the process on video and shows us a glimpse of the end results.
15 mins Secondary Gifted and Talented - Whole School Issues
In this programme, curriculum co-ordinators at Highams Park School, north London explain the role of the school's gifted and talented working party.
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15 mins Secondary Gifted and Talented - Classroom Practice
The DfES National Strategy suggests that in any classroom, up to 10 per cent of the pupils can be defined as gifted or talented. "Gifted" is used to describe pupils with great ability or potential in academic subjects while "talented" describes pupils with ...
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15 mins Gifted and Talented - History - Causal Reasoning: WW1
In this programme, an innovative causal reasoning model that stretches all pupils is applied to the complexity of causes of WWI.
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15 mins Gifted and Talented - History - Causal Reasoning: A Model
James Woodcock, head of history at Cottenham Village College, introduces causal reasoning to his Year 9 mixed ability class using the tale of Alphonse the camel.
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15 mins Gifted and Talented - A Whole School
A focus on the Gifted and Talented programme from a management and governors perspective, focusing on the fundamental questions of identification and provision
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