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Whole school > Inclusion (secondary)

Meaningful ways to remove barriers to learning, promote fairness, and help you get the balance right.

All inclusion

3 mins Disability Equality - Inclusion in PE
Part of the series Disability Equality
Including disabled pupils in sports lessons at secondary school
3 mins Disability Equality - An Overview
Part of the series Disability Equality
The law regarding schools' duties to help disabled pupils

Special schools

5 mins Wheelchair Dancing
Part of the series Sharing Your Great Practice
Concentration and social skills are improved through dancing
30 mins School Behind Bars
Part of the series School Matters
Learn how teaching and learning operate in a secure unit

All secondary inclusion topics


4 mins Circle of Friends
Part of the series Boost Your Teaching
Providing a support network for isolated and alienated students
4 mins Visualisers
Part of the series Time Savers
Visualisers are used in secondary maths and with deaf pupils


15 mins Secondary MFL - Teaching Arabic
A teacher delivers and Arabic lesson to EAL students
15 mins Secondary MFL - Celebrating Diversity
A school with EAL students shows how it helps its students

More in...

3 mins Asperger's Syndrome
Part of the series Troubled Minds
A personal insight into living with Asperger's Syndrome


Teaching in Challenging Circumstances
Integrating EAL pupils, providing emotional support and encouraging good behaviour; see how teachers working in challenging circumstances are getting the best from their pupils
(2 programmes)