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Whole school > Coaching and mentoring (secondary)

See coaching in action, learn what could help you develop your career - as well as help others develop theirs - and put theory into practice.

Explore coaching and mentoring


Tips from the Top
Parents meetings, managing staff, school trips and more; find out how primary and secondary teachers are doing these things successfully, as they share their tips with Jo Parry
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Secondary coaching and mentoring videos

5 mins Sound Advice
Part of the series Hot Management
This programme looks at a novel way of helping trainee teachers with valuable feedback using a two-way wireless audio system.
No Subtitles
15 mins D&T: Ownership of Learning
Part of the series Peer Observation with Bayley
John Bayley works with a teacher and an AST to help them learn the importance and benefits of peer observation.
No Subtitles
15 mins Mentoring and CPD
Part of the series CareerWise
In this episode of Careerwise, we take a look at the mentoring and coaching of teachers by teachers. Is it a useful initiative or just training on the cheap?
No Subtitles
14 mins A Critical Friend
Part of the series Secondary Management
Staff at Dormers Wells High School in Southall have developed a mentoring system for NQTs over many years. With regular critical analysis of teaching technique, they feel that building the confidence and skills of its newly qualified teachers is vital to the ...
No Subtitles
15 mins Great Expectations
Part of the series Teaching with Bayley
In this programme, behaviour management guru John Bayley meets Debra Robinson, an English teacher at Highgate Wood School in north London.
No Subtitles
15 mins CPD for Teachers - Mentoring and Coaching
A focus on the success the staff at King Edward VI School have gained from coaching and mentoring as productive forms of in-house CPD.
5 mins Interviewing an NQT
Part of the series Interviewing Staff
A panel of former headteachers discuss the key techniques needed to conduct a successful interview with an NQT, in response to a hypothetical request.
No Subtitles
5 mins Inspiring Colleagues
Life Coach, Gladeana McMahon, offers advice to a head of geography wanting to inspire his department.
No Subtitles
5 mins Doing the Paperwork
Gladeana McMahon offers advice to a teacher who struggles to motivate herself with administration and marking tasks.
No Subtitles
5 mins Delegating
Headteacher Darren works with life coach Gladeana, in order to help him delegate responsibilities to his staff.
No Subtitles