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Whole school > Parents and community (secondary)

Tried and tested ways to strengthen the relationship between home and school life, get parents involved in education and take your class out into the real world.

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Educating Otherwise
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Tips from the Top
Parents meetings, managing staff, school trips and more; find out how primary and secondary teachers are doing these things successfully, as they share their tips with Jo Parry
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Secondary parents and community videos

5 mins Parental Involvement
Part of the series Hot Research
One of the most important findings from recent research: If pupils are to maximise their potential from schooling, they will need the full support of their parents. With a brief look at an initiative to help parents become more effectively involved in their ...
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15 mins Adults Other Than Teachers
Part of the series Get Physical (Secondary)
Adults Other Than Teachers can offer a great deal to schools seeking to broaden their provision of high-quality physical education.
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45 mins Problem-Based Learning
Part of the series The Teachers TV ITE Lectures
Russell Grigg, quality assurance officer at Trinity University College in Carmarthen, talks to final year students about problem-based learning and how it can help them when dealing with situations in the classroom.
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30 mins Meet the Parents
Part of the series What If...?
Mike Baker puts forward an imaginary case study involving two challenging families to an expert panel to see how they would cope with the provocation of some parents.
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30 mins Jodie and Aiyshah (KS3)
This series takes cameras into the classroom to reveal what's really going on, helping parents finally find out what their children do at school and why.
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30 mins Richard and Amy (KS4)
This series takes the cameras into the classroom to reveal what's really going on and help parents to understand what is happening in their child's education.
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5 mins Parents' Evening
Part of the series School Year
A focus on the organisation needed for parents' evening at Denbigh High School, in Luton, where 80 per cent of pupils' families use English as a second language.
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15 mins Using ICT to Engage Parents
Part of the series Innovation
By insuring every student has access to the internet at home, one school has managed not only to raise attendance but also improve performance and behaviour.
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15 mins Laptop Library
Part of the series Innovation
Find out about the Laptop Library project, a simple and innovative scheme that puts parents in touch with their child's learning.
30 mins Secondary Staying Healthy
Part of the series Parents' Guide
The Parents' Guide series explores what is going on in schools today and discusses some of the key issues from a parent's point of view.
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