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Whole school > Performance management (secondary)

Brush up on your specialisms by sharing the latest thinking, and see how others are developing their professional knowledge. The learning never stops.

All performance management

5 mins Target Setting For Secondary Heads and Governors
A secondary school runs seminars for governors about school data
15 mins Giving it Back to the Children
Part of the series Classroom Observation with Bayley
John Bayley helps manage the performance of a fast-track teacher

Performance management extras

For more help and ideas see:


All secondary performance management topics

Professional standards

15 mins Lesson Planning
Part of the series Professional Skills
Follow a head of history as she plans for a new Year 7 class
15 mins Dalcroze Eurythmics
Part of the series Hard To Teach
Encouraging expression in music playing with Dalcroze eurythmics

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What To Do If...
Not sure what to do? Get advice on strategies to adopt and next steps to take, from a range of experts.
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